Organisation and Relaxation

I read a Buzzfeed article the other day about little changes you can do to make 2017 a better year. Some of things were very small; changing your bedding once a week, making your bed everyday, and preparing your outfit the night before. Other things were bigger; finding a “third space” where you can go to relax, starting a bullet journal, and facing your fears. I’m going to try and do some of the things on this list because I know that, little changes can make a big difference!

I’ve been putting my phone on the “do not disturb” setting every night, this morning I made my bed properly for the first time in ages, and I’ve officially started a bullet journal.

Next on my list is to try some more loose teas, and after that I think I’ll try making a vision board!

Hopefully these things will help me relax and become more organised, but mostly I hope I’ll have fun trying out some of these changes!!

Here’s the article if you want to have a look and maybe try a few things yourself!



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