Counting down the days!

So this is the last week before Abby and I set off on our adventures, and so far it’s been a busy one.
Saturday was spent catching up with Poppy, we had a drink and went to see La La Land (I do love a good musical), and then in the evening I went out with Abby, Sam, and Joe for a night of drinking, dancing, and farewells.
Sunday on the other hand was a little more relaxing (hangovers will do that to you!). I spent most of the day either in bed or on the sofa, but I did venture outside for a few hours to see Karina and Rachael from my old job. It was really lovely catching up with them!!
Monday started off busy with me and Abby going into town for some essential shopping, and ending with me desperately trying to finish watching season 1 of Scream and confirm my suspicions (I got it right!!).
Tuesday ended up being the start of season 2 of Scream (I’m sure I have some packing to do…), but the highlight was meeting up with Roisin for lunch and a catch up before I go and she heads back to university.
Today has been spent actually packing some of my stuff (finally!!), booking a flat viewing for next year’s accommodation, and printing some essentials. So at the moment I’m feeling rather productive!!

As for the rest of the week, tomorrow will be spent finishing off my packing and having drinks with mine and Abby’s parents, Friday will include any last minute shopping I might have to do and having a tea or two with Claire, and Saturday will mainly be spent travelling to the airport, ready to fly out on Sunday, and quietly panicking that I’ll have forgotten something!!

So, next time you hear from me I’ll probably be on my way to, or actually in, another country. Until then!

V x


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