A day of travelling! 

Sitting in Heathrow’s world of duty free waiting for our gate to pop up and trying not to freak out that this is actually happening!! We’ve been planning, saving, and talking about this for months on end, and now it’s finally time to go I can’t believe we’re really doing this! I know people do this all of the time, and it’s going to be an incredible experience but it still seems surreal!! Getting five planes and who knows how many busses, staying in 8 hostels and 1 motel, and being away from my family for just over two months seems just a tad intense haha! But hanging out with Abby and doing so many exciting things will easily distract me from my worries!

On plane number one, Virgin Atlantic isn’t too shabby. Comfy seats, complementary blankets and headphones, and a TV along with my phone, iPod and kindle will surely make for a relaxing flight.

Chilling in Atlanta while we wait for our connecting flight to Mexico City. Feeling sooooo tired and a little hungry, and we’ve still got a few hours to go!! Thankfully our first flight went well, we had a nice meal, some ice cream, afternoon tea, plenty of drinks, and a wide range of things to watch! It wasn’t too busy either so I managed to stretch out a little and have a nap or two.

Flight number two wasn’t as nice as the first but I mostly slept though it so it wasn’t too bad haha! The only real downside was that Abby and I weren’t together (a good 5 rows between us?!?) but I didn’t get to have a nice chats with the people next to me!

Arriving in Mexico was probably supposed to be simple but in our incredible sleepy states we ended up a little confused. Thankfully though we managed to get an über to our hostel (once we managed to find it) and we were able to check in and go straight to bed!!

Talk to you soon!

V x


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