Mexico City it’s been fun

Although our time in Mexico was very breif, Abby and I still had plenty to see and lots to do. We spent most of our days wondering around the streets of the city taking in the sights, and being overwhelmed by how incredibly busy it was! We went to a beautiful park and had a look round the stalls, saw some lovely museums, and found an incredible castle. Our favourite stop might possibly have even the chocolate museum (not sure why – maybe the room of chocolate?!) which told us the story of how Mexico has been one of the key players in chocolate since the Myans.

Our hostel was pretty nice too. They offered a lush breakfast taco as part of their deal (which was a great way to kick off our mornings!) and we met some interesting people in our dorm. One girl was from Australia and had been travelling for 9 months solid, so we got to hear some interesting stories!

All in all, even with the jet lag, we had a lovely time in Mexico City!! We’re in San Francisco now so here’s hoping for another great stop!!

Until next time,

V x


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