San Fran-tastic

Our time in San Francisco has been fantastic! Not only have we walked the Golden Gate Bridge, dined in Chinatown, wandered round Union Square, and experienced the Castro quarter, we have done so much more. Over the last few days Abby and I have seen the beauty that is the Palace of Fine arts, visited the Full House house, travelled on one of the few remaining San Francisco cable cars, travelled to Alcatraz, wondered around Fishermans Warf, and walked the famous zig zag street!

Visiting the Palace of Fine Arts wasn’t quite what we expected. From the name, both me and Abby assumed we were going to some sort of art museum. This was not the case. The Palace was, for the want of a better word, a small selection of “ruins” surrounding a lake. Now don’t get me wrong, even though it wasn’t what we expected we still loved it. It was picturesque and still very grand. It was certainly a site worth visiting!!

After our visit to the Palace Abby and I set off on our quest to find the famous Full House house. I haven’t actually seen Full House but I’ve been assured by Abby that it’s great and that this was a must see, and she was certainly happy to see it!

Another classic sight we’ve been to see is the famous Alcatraz prison. This was a really cool experience. We got a ferry out to the island and got to wonder around and look at all the old buildings and read all of this history. This was pretty interesting and we even learnt a few new interesting things! For example, did you know that the island was at one point inhabited by native Americans?! It was a very informative experience and my favourite part was the audio tour of the cell house. This was extra cool because the audio had ex-inmates and people who used to work on the island narrating some of the stories which gave us a real insight into the islands hitory!

The view from Alcatraz
Our beautiful #cellfie

After our trip to Alcatraz we ended up having a walk round Fishermans Warf. This gave us the opportunity for another Princess Diaries moment as we both got to try a corn dog, which are pretty good btw!!

After all of these big sightseeing adventures today has been spent finally riding one of the few remaining cable cars and visiting the famous Zig Zag street (which ironically we’d never heard of!) Our cable car ride was pretty fun (although that might have been because I was delighted not to be walking up the hills) but the Zig Zag Street was brilliant! Even though it is just a small street in San Francisco it was pretty cool seeing something rather unique and very pretty!

That’s all from me for now! I’ll probably be back tomorrow to tell you about our last day in San Francisco and give you an update on our journey to our next stop – Las Vegas!!

Until then,

V x


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