Vegas Baby!!

So Vegas has been pretty fun! Abby and I have had a nice relaxing time here before we head off to some more hectic destinations. Last time I left you we had just spent he day at the Grand Canyon, which, again, I must say was amazing and a must see!! Since then we’ve spent some more time exploring The Strip, taking fan photos, hanging out down in Fremont, and chilling by the pool at our hostel, like I said pretty relaxing! ๐Ÿ˜Ž

The other half of the strip was just as amazing as the first. On the end we saw New York New York which looked just like how I expect the streets of New York to look, or at least how they might have looked. It was very cool! The place had lots of pizzerias, hot dog shops, burger joints, Irish pubs, and similar traditional New York restaurants dotted around the place, all of which smelled great! Another key feature of this casino was the Hershey’s world located near on of the entrances. This was a little overwhelming what with the giant cookies/cakes, mountains of chocolate, and stacks of collcetbale memorablia. The only thing that would have made it better would have been if I actually liked American chocolate (it’s waaaayyy to dark for me!!)! The main attraction for us however was probabaky the Statue of Liberty replica. This was brilliant, and particularly exciting for me because now I have seen 2/3 Statues of Liberty and soon I will have seen all three ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ—ฝ

Also down this end of the strip we were able to pop into the MGM Grand, see the Excalibur castle, visit M&M world (aka Abby’s Heaven), go into amassive Coca-Cola shop, and nip into the Hard Rock Cafe for some t-shirts!! After exploring this end of the strip we headed back to the other end and had a wonder around the Grand Canal Shops in the Venetian. This was great because it was decorated to look like the streets of Venice, and they even had a small river which led outside so you could take a gondola ride!!

We ended our time in the strip by watching the brilliant Bellagio Fountain show and taking our cheesy oceans 11 (a favourite of both of ours) style photos!!

The rest of our time in Vegas was spent down on either relaxing at the hostel by the pool or on Fremont street looking around and making the occasional bet, you’ll be happy to know I did win a (very) small amount, but then lost almost right away ๐Ÿ˜‚!

The only downside to our final days in Vegas was that one of our days (Valentines Day to be exact) ended up being spent trying to sort out our greyhound tickets to Houston. We’d had a problem with this ever since my computer crashed before I could print them off months ago. Since then we’d been told not to worry we could print them at the station, sorry no we can’t print hem here you need to ring, in afraid you’ll have to rebook but don’t worry we’ll refund you, haha sorry no we won’t refund you the New now expensive price just the oringal, sorry we can’t ring your English number, and finally, sorry for the trouble here are you tickets so you can print them. The whole ordeal was ridiculous and I was incredibley thankful to have Abby here because she dealt with them jver the phone/email using her call centre expertise. Although this was an incredibly annoying situation and sadly took up most of our day we still managed to end on a high. We’d both been craving some pasta and thanks to Matt on reception we found an Italian to go to! Even though it was Valentine’s Day and they were fully booked the owner Joe very kindly squeezed us in for an hour so we could eat some amazing food, and he even gave us a rose each! Such a babe!!

So overall our time in Las Vegas has been pretty fun. We’ve seen some amazing things (seriously guys go to the Grand Canyon!!), had some new experiences, overcome a dilemma, enjoyed some relaxation, and recreated some movie moments!

That’s all for now, next time you hear from me we should be in Houston (having survived a two day bus journey ๐Ÿ˜ณ๐Ÿ™ˆ) hopefully enjoy the sun ๐Ÿ˜Ž!

Until then,

V x


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