Oh Canada! ๐Ÿ‡จ๐Ÿ‡ฆ

Hey guys! Abby and I are in Canada at the moment, and it’s not quite what we were expecting. It is ridiculously warm here! We’ve actually spent some evenings chilling in our shorts?!

So far in Toronto we have been to the Eton Centre, visited Dundas-Young square, tasted some wine, and gazed at Niagara Falls.

The Eton centre was a pretty cool place to visit. It’s ridiculously big and had lots of shops for me and Abby to wander around. It was quite fun walking around and seeing the differences between here and home. For example, the shops here open at an oddly late time (like 11am?!) and all of the clothes are ridiculously soft (we were very jealous!!). There were a lot of nice shops for us to wander around in the Eton centre but we were both very good and only brought like one thing each! Abby got a very nice too in the H&M sale and I got some pop vinyls in the HMV sale (we know how to find a bargain!).

The Dundas-Young square was also very nice but, again, not quiet what we expected. We were told it was supposed to be like the second Times Square but it was empty! It did have all the big billboards and I imagine in the summer it’s booming but, even though it was very nice, I wouldn’t describe it as the second Times Square!

Our wine tasting was quite an interesting experience, mainly because neither me or Abby like wine! We probably only drink it when it’s as a spritzer or with a nice meal haha! We probably wounds have done it if it wasn’t part of our Niagara Falls experience! The tasting was quite a good one though (I assume) it was at a winery school and we got tor try white wine, rosรจ, and Canadian ice wine (pretty cool!).

Niagara Falls has probably been the highlight of Canada so far. It was an absolutely amazing experience! The Falls are beautiful, you could easily spend hours gazing at them (which we did)! From where we were you could easily see the American and Canadian falls, both of which are lovely. The Falls are massive, as fast as rapids, and a beautiful shade of blue. It was great to be able to go and see them. They are definitely up there with the Grand Canyon as a breathtaking, must see sight!

Niagara Falls
The rest of our time in Canada will be spent seeing the CN tower and probably visiting some sights that people have suggested.

Talk to you again soon!

Until then,

V x


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