The end of an era…

Hi everyone, I’m baaaaacccckkkk!!! After a VERY long flight home which included delays, running, a lack of sleep, and some lost bags, Abby and I finally arrived back home yesterday morning. We walked through the arrivals gate tired and bagless, and we were greeted by that “love actually moment” of love and excitement from our families!

Over the past two months we have seen and done so many amazing things. We have walked the length of the Golden Gate Bridge (twice), gazed into the depths of the Grand Canyon, visited Alcatraz, toured NASA, partied at Mardi Gras, ridden rollercoasters, sailed through swamps, bathed in the beauty of Niagara Falls, meandered around Central Park, walked with ghosts, wandered around the National Mall, stood on top of the Empire State Building, posed with princesses, and so much more. Everyday was spent doing something fun and exciting. It was a once in a life time experience and something that I would easily do again. People keep asking me what my favourite part or state was but in all honesty I don’t know! Everywhere is so different, it’s like each state is its own country with new things to offer. There was never a dull moment, even when we weren’t off on some new adventure I was still chilling and have a laugh with my best friend, who could want more?!

Now I’m back home the past two months seem like some sort of dream. I’ve arrived home to my family and friends, I’m walking the roads which I know only too well, I have to find a job so I can keep busy and earn some money, and I have to plan my future. I am officially come “back to life, back to reality“.

Until next time,





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