One busy week!!

Last week was my first week back after travelling and you’d have thought that I might have had a nice chilled, relaxing week, but no, that’s definitely not what I would call it!

Last week I had 4 job/job agency interviews and half a dozen phone conversations about possible jobs, I succeeded in getting one of these jobs!?!, I spent a good amount of hours helping my mum tidy up the house (#springcleaning), I waited (somewhat patiently) for mine and Abby’s lost bags to arrive, I got some new clothes (Hello sales!!), I ordered a new book and a yoga mat, and I met up with five of my very good friends for some catch-ups, food, shopping, and movies! So, overall, I would say this was quite a busy week (no wonder I’m still tired!!).

It was a fun first week to help me get settled in back home. It’s been great hanging out with people I haven’t seen for ages and who I’ve missed greatly, and it was such a weight off my shoulders to be offered a new temp position on Friday. I can’t wait to get stuck back in and start a new routine before I go crazy!

The next couple off weeks will (hopefully) be spent settling in to my new job, sorting out some stuff for teacher training, throwing myself into yoga and my new books (who am I?!), learning how to knit (I need a new hobby!) catching up with some more people, and relaxing!

I’ll let you know how it goes!

V x


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