Sup guys, me again!

Recently I’ve decided that I need to start doing more. I need to read more, I need to exercise more, and I need to try more things.

I’ve already started trying to read more and to get me going I’ve settled on a new genre of books, autobiographies. After I got Lauren Graham’s “Talking As Fast As I Can” (LOVE IT, AND HER!!) for Christmas I’ve become slightly obsessed with reading the autobiographies of people I love. Following on from Lauren I have already started reading Amy Poehler’s “Yes Please” and I’ve already laughed more times than I can count, it’s brilliant! After Amy I am all set to read Rob Lowe’s “Stories I Only Tell My Friends”, I’ve already started listening to the lovely Rob Lowe (LOVE HIM!) reading this but I’ve brought the book as well because I can’t resist looking at the pictures they put in.

I have also brought a yoga mat so I can get back into doing yoga and pilates and hopefully start getting into shape. I enjoyed doing this back at uni and I haven’t done it in ages so i’m really excited to get going with it again! As well as doing some more exercise I’m trying to be generally healthier. I’m looking at eating better food and drinking more water. Eating healthier will be a bit of a struggle because I’m far too easily lulled into eating food that is bad for me. However, thanks to my Mum (the gadget queen) and my new gadget which tells me when I haven’t had something to drink in a while, I should on it for drinking more water!

Other things I’m hoping to get going with are; knitting (once I’ve been taught how!?!), doing a travelling scrapbook, and trying out some cooking/baking so I can eat more than pasta and rice next year.

Hopefully I will actually keep these up and pick up some more things along the way!

Until next time,

V x

P.S. Happy Easter everyone, have a lovely day and enjoy the long weekend! x


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