13 Reasons Why…


So, today I finished watching the Netflix original series “13 Reasons Why”. This show has been all over social media recently so I thought I’d give it a go!

*spoiler alert*

The show is about a young girl, Hannah Baker, who has committed suicide and left behind tapes with the ’13 reasons why’ she killed herself. The show is incredibly moving and really highlights a subject which is still very taboo! During the show we see how Hannah deals with the situations which lead to her suicide, and we see how those she left behind are dealing with her death. Throughout the show we see a range of horrific situations; bullying, rape, alcohol/drug abuse, physical abuse, road traffic accidents, and of course suicide. We confront all of these situations in a real but sensitive way, which really highlights some of the terrible things going on in the world. Things we don’t really like to talk about.

*spoiler altert over*

Recently Princes William and Harry, and the Duchess of Cambridge, along with a variety of other people, have being trying to highlight the seriousness of mental health problems. Some don’t know enough about it and some don’t want to know about it, some are scared to admit they need help and some are afraid to offer it.
At the same time as this, I was extremely saddened to see that some people’s responses to ’13 Reasons Why’ were to moan about how Hannah Baker was just seeking attention, or making a big deal over small things! It doesn’t matter how small you might think something is, if someone is hurt by something it might be the biggest thing in the world to them!
These, sadly, are some of the many reason why mental health issues need to be highlighted more!

Everyone needs help sometimes, maybe it’s just some one to talk to and maybe it’s more. I always try to be there for people when they need it and I know they’re there for me as well. Sadly not everyone has this, but we can change this. If more people are aware, then more people can be there!

Anyway, “13 Reasons Why” has inspired my to write a list of 13 things that make happy. So, in no particular order, here it goes;

  1. My Family – Love you guys!
  2. My Friends – aka my second family!
  3. A good cup of tea
  4. A new candle
  5. Laughter – mine or someone else’s!
  6. A nice warm shower
  7. A good book – new or old
  8. Photos – aka a memory captured for a lifetime
  9. Christmas films – the cheesier the better 😜
  10. A surprise shopping spree
  11. Snow-globes
  12. Listening to music
  13. Autumn

So, that’s my list. 13 things that make me happy, make me smile!

Why don’t you give it ago, write down 13 things that make you happy, they might surprise you! Once you’re done, do what you want, share it, save it, or even throw it away! Just remember, these things make you happy, so why don’t you try and make sure someone else is too!

Thanks for reading, until next time!

V x

One thought on “13 Reasons Why…

  1. Reblogged this on enrayn and commented:
    1. My Family
    2. A good book
    3. Christmas morning
    4. A new gin
    5. A good film (Harrison Ford is a bonus)
    6. A snuggle with my baby girl (not so much of a baby)
    7. Autumn
    8. Tulips
    9. When a student ‘gets it’
    10. Hugs
    11. A good joke (one liners are the best)
    12. A sing-along-song on the radio (daydream believer maybe)
    13. My family (they are my joy)

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