Everything’s changing…

Sooooo, things have been happening recently. Mum and Dad have decided to move, the house is on the market, and Mum and Matthew are hunting for jobs. Come September, with any luck, we will all be living and working/studying up north! It’s quite crazy actually, it’s all happening very quickly, but then again it needs to happen quick if it’s going to happen at all!

It’ll be strange when we’ve all “left home”. Will home become a different place? Or will I always call here home? My friends are worried I might not be back that often, but I’m sure I will be! I can’t not see them, they’re my second family! So I’ll have to come back often enough to keep on top of the “family” antics, but still be hard to leave them. I always knew I’d end up leaving but I didn’t realise it’d be so sudden! Then again, I don’t think anyone did! Sometimes it just happens that way. One day something happens that chances everything and you have to go with the flow, you have to adjust, you have to make new plans, and you have to think about what’s important!

These next few months will be spent doing all sorts of planning and thinking. My main priority though will be to spend time with people while I can and to just enjoy myself. Yeah I’ve got sort to do and sort out but there’s plenty of time for all that and they won’t take up too much time! I’d rather be off having fun while I still can, before everything changes…

Until next time!

V x


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