Sometimes it’s hard to find inspiration, and sometimes it’s easy.

Inspiration can be found in lots of places. You can find people inspiring, words inspiring, music inspiring, sights inspiring, and many other things inspiring. It all depends on who you are, not everyone will find the same things inspiring but everyone will find something inspiring.

I was reading Amy Poehler’s autobiography the other day and it’s full of inspiring quotes and stories. I hadn’t realised how amazing she is, and she truly is an inspiration to me. I used to just like her because I love the character Leslie Knope, but now I love her for being her. This mainly talented, hilarious one, who knows how to live her life and follow her dreams!! – Inspiration can find you even when you’re not looking!

Not only have I been surprised by inspiration, on many occasions, I have also sought it out. Every week I looked for inspiration for this blog. Sometimes I find it easily, like my travel posts, and other times I search and search an end up stumbling across something, like my “treat yo self” blog last week.

Inspiration is a funny thing. Sometimes it works in mysterious ways and sometimes it’s glaringly obvious. All I can say, is that you should never stop looking for it. Everyone needs it sometimes, so don’t loose hope, just keep an eye out.

I’ll leave you with this inspiring quote from one of my new favourite people;


Until next time,

V x




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