Catching Up!

Hey guys! So I spent this weekend with the lovely Abby! It was great fun catching up with her (not that we haven't been talking), going on some shopping sprees, fan-girling whilst watching films, and just hanging out again! It was great to see her and spend to quality time together, I really have missed … More Catching Up!

Family Time

I’ve spent a lot of this last week seeing my family. I spent a few days at my Nan’s hanging out with her, one of my uncles, and my mum. It was great! It was nice to see them all and spend some quality time with my Nan just the two of us. I then … More Family Time

Tori’s Top Ten

Hey guys! Following a chat with some of my number one fans (you know who you are ๐Ÿ˜˜) I thought I’d give having a ‘segment’ a go. So please enjoy the first of (possibly many) “Tori’s Top Ten” lists. Tori’s Top Ten Tips for Making Your New House (Flat) a Home; Mix it up a … More Tori’s Top Ten


Stress comes in many forms and can appear for multiple reasons. You can get stressed about exams, starting a new job, moving, meeting new people, deadlines, you can get stressed over loads of different things! And this stress can manifest itself in a variety of ways. It can cause you to loose sleep, it can … More Stress