Stress comes in many forms and can appear for multiple reasons. You can get stressed about exams, starting a new job, moving, meeting new people, deadlines, you can get stressed over loads of different things! And this stress can manifest itself in a variety of ways. It can cause you to loose sleep, it can lead to over eating, it can cause panic attacks, it can appear as nail biting or restlessness, and so many other ways.

Stress is a strange emotion that effects different people in different ways and for different reasons. Some people need and like stress because it encourages and motivates them to do something. Other people dread feeling stressed because it overwhelms them and causes them to procrastinate or maybe even shut off completely.

I am a big sufferer of stress. I get stressed out over a lot of things, some small and some big, and it always shows up in multiple forms. It’s not very fun. However, because I know I get stressed easily it gives me the opportunity search out things to help. I normally flit between different things to help me when I’m stressed. Sometimes I go for a simple blue bottle of water (blue is a calming colour), sometimes I get a stress ball and work out my reatlessness, other times I have a “calming” tea instead of a highly caffeinated cup, occasionally I buy a book with tips and activities to lower my stress levels, and every so often I just have a good cry to get it all out. All of these things help me when I’m stressed, and I’m glad I’ve found them. I don’t know what I’d do without them.

I’m constantly on the look out for new tips and ideas for feeling less stressed, so I thought this might be a nice thing to read for others in the same boat.

You are not alone out there. Stress can make you feel that way, and it can make you doubt everything. Just try to remember that there are others who feel the same, and that there are ways to reduce those feelings!

Until next time,

V x


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