Goodbye’s and Hello’s

Hey Guys!

Last week was my last week in good old NoNo, and it was quite an emotional one. Almost every evening was filled with me seeing one of my friends to say goodbye to them (the others were full of packing). I met up with a variety of friends and had four different ‘last suppers’, all of which were special and emotional. It all started off with a Murder Mystery Party which was a good laugh, and it ended with an emotional last day of work and dinner with an old friend. It was strange saying goodbye to so many people and to my home. I always knew I’d leave NoNo one day, and I know I’ll still keep in touch and see people but none of this made it any easier.

On Saturday Dad, Matthew and I packed up a van load of stuff (with some help from Grandma), said our goodbyes to the place we’d called home for so many years, and set off on the motorway. Out first stop was Sheffield so we could move Matthew into his flat so he can settle in before starting his new job on Wednesday. Here we met up with Mum and moved a fair amount of the van in to Matthew’s new home. Once we’d finished this me, Mum, Dad made our way to Leeds to move me into my new flat. We got a little lost on the way but we eventually made it to my (apparently top floor) flat.

I was a quite emotional about the whole move at first. It didn’t really hit me until I was alone in my new flat that I had just left my childhood home, my friends, and some of my family, so I could move to a new city and start taking the first steps into true adulthood. I’m alright now though. The flat is starting to look my like a home, I’ve had a little walk around, I’ve made plans to see a friend during the week, and I’m popping over to see some family as well. Having these things to look forward to are keeping my worries at bay. I know they’re still there, ready to strike when I’m least expecting it, but I know they’ll disappear soon and I’ll feel more at home. Thankfully during this time I know i’ve got my friends and family to fall back on when I need a good cry, or a good moan, or just for a chat, and I couldn’t feel more blessed.

Anyway, that’s all from me for now. I’ll be back with an update on Leeds life soon!

Until next time,

V x


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