Catching Up!

Hey guys!

So I spent this weekend with the lovely Abby! It was great fun catching up with her (not that we haven't been talking), going on some shopping sprees, fan-girling whilst watching films, and just hanging out again!

It was great to see her and spend to quality time together, I really have missed that girl!

We spent a lot of the weekend rewatching films so we could chat and gossip at the same time. We had fun talking about what's been occurring in our lives over the past few weeks. However, the majority of that chats were focused around where we were in our TV binging and what new fan-girl things we were going to order online!

We also spent a good amount of time explore Leeds city centre. I took Abs around my favourite shops in the city, we both brought some cool new stuff (and some less cool things), and, as always, we both terrible influences on each other's buying habits! After our material shopping spree Abs then offered to take me on a food shop so I could stock up my kitchen (it's so nice having friends who can drive 😂😘) and so we could have a feast for dinner!

In between these two shopping trips we also went on a little adventure called "Where on earth is the car?!" For some reason neither of us could specifically remover where we had parked the car. As such we needed up spending a good 20 or so minute searching every floor of the car park until we found out. The best part was that it was on the floor we had originally gone to, we missed it because we only looked on 6a and not 6b 🙈! It was an extremely embarrassing situation, and poor Abby was carry some heavy boxes the entire time, but we laughed about it in the end and it's something to remember! 😂

Overall it was a very fun and eventful weekend, and I can't wait for the next time I see her!

That's all for now.
Until next time,



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