I’m Back!

Heeeelllooooo! So the other week I was on half term. A lot of people would think that meant a week of relaxation, those people would be wrong. I spent the majority of that week shut off from the word doing my first PGCE assignment (hence the lack of posting). Overall I was pretty happy with … More I’m Back!

What a week!

This past week has been quite intense! I’ve had stuff on at work, lots of essay work to do, and so much on my mind. I feel like I’ve had so much going on this week my head was ready to explode! So I was pretty happy when the weekend came around! I spent most … More What a week!

A Wicked Weekend!

So this weekend was spent down in London catching up, and celebrating my birthday, with the gang! We; shopped to we dropped, almost put ourselves into food comas, saw a Wicked show, wandered around Westminster, and kept our eye on London. Saturday was mainly spent with the four of us walking around Oxford Street. We … More A Wicked Weekend!

Tori’s Top Ten

Hey guys, apologies for not uploading a post last week, things have been a little hectic and I lost track of time! To make up for it I will upload two posts this week; a ‘Tori’s Top Ten’ instalment and an update on my first week of Teacher Training! Today I will be giving you … More Tori’s Top Ten