Hey guys and girls, Most of you won’t know this yet but I am obsessed with candles. I just love them. Currently in my room I have 18 candles on the go. Some of these are small tea lights, some are medium tins and pot, some a large jars, and one is a funky llama. … More Candles

Tori’s Top Ten

Hey guys and gals, I’ve been thinking a lot about travelling lately. I think I’m getting the bug again (the travelling bug of course). There are so many places I would like to go, and so many sights I would like to see. Because there are so many places on my ever growing travel list, … More Tori’s Top Ten

Tori’s Top Ten

Hey guys and gals, As part of my vague attempt to start living a healthier life I have tried to start making more things from scratch. Whenever I start some sort of diet or healthy living scheme, one of the things I always hear about is how pre-made sauces really aren’t that good for you. … More Tori’s Top Ten

Tori’s Top Ten

Hey guys and gals, So this week I was listening to a new playlist on Spotify called ‘The Bright Side’. I found this playlist a little confusing as it is described as being a set of ‘Indie tunes to speak joy’, but the first song on the list seemed to be about depression. Which to … More Tori’s Top Ten


Hey guys and gals, This week we had another virtual bake off at work. Last time I managed to win best bake and this time I hoping to do just as well, or maybe even better! I went all out for the first bake off and created what I like to call my “Rainbow through … More Baking

Mixing Things Up

Hey guys and gals, To help revamp my life I have decided to start mixing things up, and to start trying new things. And as always I have decided to share these things with you. Some of the new things I have been trying are; New recipes – I’ve been trying out new versions of … More Mixing Things Up

Feeling the Love

Hey guys and gals, So this week I’ve not been feeling great. There’s no particular reason why. There have been issues at work that I’ve needed to try and fix, I haven’t been sleeping well, and my mind won’t stop focusing on things I really don’t want to think about. I’ve just generally been a … More Feeling the Love

Tori’s Top Ten

This week I have been inspired by an article I read on Thrive Global that was all about how to sleep better during lockdown. Some of the suggestions in this article are a bit random, but most of them are things which I can easily add to my nightly routines. I have already brought a … More Tori’s Top Ten